71963468 - top view of a beautiful woman on the sofa eating a healthy saladeA lot of people think losing weight means eating less and less, even to the point of skipping meals. While it may seem like skipping meals is an easy way to consume less, the truth is skipping meals can really backfire. If your focus is long-term health, then skipping meals is not an option. Take a look at all the reasons that eating more frequently can be the key to your health.

Stop Fat Storage

The standard diet promotes long gaps between meals, which means your blood sugar drops and then spikes drastically when you get around to eating again. That blood sugar spike creates more insulin in the blood, which promotes fat storage in the long-term. Avoid this blood sugar roller coaster by eating every few hours.

Prevent Overeating

Everyone knows the feeling of being so hungry, you could eat anything. In fact, that’s exactly what happens when you’re very hungry: you eat anything you can get your hands on, and it feels like you can’t stop. This cycle of under-eating and then stuffing yourself to the point of being uncomfortable is one of the reasons the standard style of dieting doesn’t work. If, instead of under-eating, you’re nourishing yourself by eating every few hours and not allowing yourself to get to the desperate point of hunger, you’ll have more control and a healthier relationship with food.

Establish Routine

Both the mind and the body can benefit from having an established eating routine. Your stomach will soon come to know when to expect food, and you won’t be consumed with thoughts about when the next time you’ll get to eat will be. Consistency is key, and having a routine and frequent eating schedule is the best way to stay consistent.

Eating portion-controlled, balanced meals every three to four hours is the best way to eat frequently and take advantage of all these health benefits. Reach out to Master Metabolic today to get a personalized nutrition plan to help you reach your goals.