Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet: they are delicious, low in calories, and full of nutrients. And while staples like carrots and apples are perfectly fine, sometimes it’s fun to shake things up! Next time you’re at the grocery store, throw some new produce in your cart.


Often called the “Mexican potato,” jicama has a subtle flavor paired with a crisp, juicy texture. You should be able to find it near the turnips in your grocery store, and it’s available year-round. Jicama can be eaten as part of a wrap, added to a stir fry, or even dipped in hummus for a low-calorie snack.


This fruit tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear, but they taste best when cooked. You might have trouble finding these at a normal grocery store; check your local farmer’s market instead. You can caramelize them or bake them into a summer tart.


Arugula is a salad green similar to spinach but with a stronger taste that reminds many people of pepper. Toss with a vinaigrette or put on a sandwich, mix into soup, or top pizza with this versatile and tasty vegetable.

Dragon Fruit

This bright pink and green fruit seems to make a bold statement, but the taste is actually quite subtle. Many people say the taste is similar to kiwi. The inner flesh is white with black seeds, and it’s full of fiber and vitamin C. Add dragon fruit to smoothies, fruit salad, or eat it fresh for a light summer snack.

Hopefully this guide has given you inspiration to treat your tastebuds to something a little different! If you’re looking for more nutrition guidance to help you reach your health goals, make an appoint with Master Metabolic today. We will give you personalized fitness and nutrition plans to fit your individual needs.