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Corporate health & wellness workshops

Master Metabolic offers a comprehensive, technology-based nutrition and exercise coaching service that balances metabolism. Our sole goal is to transform individuals and corporations to create healthy, successful lifestyles.

Companies that implemented a wellness program experienced a 28% reduction in employees calling in sick

– Institute for Healthcare Consumerism™

  • Better Corporate Culture
  • Positive Mental Attitudes
  • Reduced Sick Days
  • Heightened Productivity
  • Lower Cost of Benefits
  • Another Benefit

Our programs are specially designed to match your company size and culture

The Startup


• FREE Kickstart Seminar
• FREE Metabolic Packet
• 1 FREE Metabolic Assessment with a coach

The Metabolic Mastery Challenge


• 8 Weeks
• FREE Kickstart Seminar
• 1 FREE Metabolic Assessment with a coach/specialist
• Custom Weekly Meal Plans
• Individual Workout Plans
• 1 Extra metabolic and goal-setting seminar
• Monthly Check-ins on site. We actually come out to your business and work with your employees
• Skype Trainings

Go For the Gold


• FREE Kickstart Seminar
• 8-week detailed program
• 2 Extra metabolic and goal-setting seminars
• Custom Weekly Meal Plans
• Individual Workout Plans
• Weekly Check-ins on site
• Skype Trainings

We think long term

In a majority of corporate wellness programs, you see counting steps or programs that get people to lose weight as quick as they can for a prize. The challenge comes when participants go back into the real world to face the hurdles of food and exercise. Master Metabolic provides highly-detailed answers tailored to an individual’s height, sex, and body weight. In this state, participants feel a sense of inner strength—solution to their crash dieting and exercise slumps.

The X Factor

Each human body has an X Factor, a specific set of actions that will help achieve the desired results. The emotional and motivational component. Each of our coaches is committed to helping participants push past common plateaus. Clients and coaches meet weekly and should expect each program to align precisely with their schedules and promote maximum potential.

Recipe for a perfect corporate wellness plan

•    ACCOUNTABILITY-weekly or monthly
•    DIRECTION-without a map, it is impossible to get to the right destination
•    MINDSET AND MOTIVATION-attack the WHYs, hit the heart and strengthen it with proper material(video,audio books and seminars)
•    REWARD-carrot at the end of the stick? (can be a race/group activity/trophy/cash or insurance breaks)

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