The Master Metabolic Process

How to get started


  • Meet with one of our certified trainers either in person at one of our 3 locations, or via skype call.


  • Assess your current physical, mental, and emotional status.
  • Take comprehensive measurements of your weight, circumference,and body-fat percentage with a 3-point caliper test.
  • Go through a breakdown of your body measurements, including total lean tissue and fat mass.
  • Gain an understanding of your goals and desired fitness level – which is converted to a target scale weight, body fat percentage, lean-tissue mass and fat mass.


  • Work together on setting new goals and identifying trouble areas
  • Compare target goal to average change per week and your expected change per week based on your lifestyle and schedule.
  • Review plan and projected weeks
  • Set goals and timeline
  • Sign on as a new client!

After you have become a client:

Weeks 1-4: Establish a foundation

•    Resetting body metabolism (first 3 days)
•    Immediate blood sugar stabilization
•    Increased energy levels
•    Loss of retained water weight
•    Brought to a conscious state with increased awareness of diet, schedule and exercise
•    Building full-body functional strength
•    Beginning to feel the burn – increased hunger for meals

You will start to notice a change in yourself!

•    Typical results = 3-4% in Body Fat Percentage loss
•    Approximately 8 – 12 lbs of fat loss

Weeks 4-8: Program Framework

•    Exercise and diet becomes habitual and unconscious
•    Noticeable changes in physical appearance and mental attitude
•    Peak energy levels
•    Noticeable muscle gains
•    Establishing an “I can” mentality
•    Changing of your belief system and experiencing success

You will start to notice a change in yourself!

•    Typical results = 3-4% in Body Fat Percentage loss
•    Approximately 8 – 12 lbs of fat loss

Weeks 8-12: Program Structure

•    Become a MASTER of your schedule and meal times
•    Fitness and nutrition becomes a high priority
•    You new habits are ingrained
•    Taste Buds have adjusted and you no longer have sugar cravings
•    Addressing and breaking through the first mental plateau (10 weeks)
•    Gain understanding of how food affects the body

Peers and colleagues notice changes!

•    Typical results = 12-15% in Body Fat Percentage loss
•    Approximately 40-50 lbs of fat loss and 7-10 lbs of muscle gain
•    Start to see a reduction in medication usage
•    Type 1 Diabetics = drop insulin intake by 50-60%
•    Type 2 Diabetics = blood sugar stabilization and dormancy

Weeks 12-16: Lasting Success

•    No longer a “fad” diet
•    Seeing lasting change in mind, body, and spirit
•    Exploration of a new self
•    Seeing a new definition of what is possible
•    A new mentality of greatness

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